Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breaking a Sweat for Bright Pink

If you’re newly introduced to MDPR, #EXPOSURE2013 might just be one intimidating #hashtag to you. But if you’re an MDPR regular, you know that it refers to the weekly summer beach workouts with Alex Vasileski of A Mind and Body Total Fitness. We’ll break it down…

Each week the MDPR team, Alex and our growing band of devoted #EXPOSURE2013 exercisers gather at Ohio Street Beach at 9:30am to sweat it out for a new cause. The $10 participation donation directly benefits that week’s featured charity. Someone devoted to the cause serves as a host and shares the inspiring mission, and of course, joins in the endorphin-pumping workout.

This coming Saturday is an extra special session because our very own Monika Dixon is hosting on behalf of Bright Pink, a Chicago-based organization committed to empowering and educating women on the importance of breast and ovarian health. With the help of friends Eva Pawlus & Yana Nirshberg  (who are members of Monika’s Bright Pink Fab Fest 2013 team in September), Monika and the MDPR team will be giving it their all on Saturday to raise awareness for Bright Pink.

Not really a fitness person? No worries! None of us are experts, trust us. (Or better yet, come see for yourself!) We won’t promise it’ll be easy, and you might even be a little sore on Sunday. But you know what they say…no pain, no gain.

It’s a small price to pay for giving back while having some fun in the Chicago sun! Now that’s what we call #summertimechi.

-By Emily Cleary, MDPR Social Media Director

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