Monday, December 16, 2013

Washing Your Face 101

Beauty trends come and go, but washing your face is something that is essential for everyone’s beauty regimens regardless of skin type. Although face washing poses itself as a seemingly easy task, even the most skin-conscious of us make some mistakes. Today, skin guru Leah Chavie taught us the ins and outs of face washing on WCIU’s You & Me This Morning. We learned so much from her segment, we couldn't keep these beauty tips to ourselves.


Forget the washcloth!
The first step in washing your face is ditching a washcloth. It's actually one of your skin's worst enemies. Washcloths can be scratchy, abrasive and harbor bacteria.

Use these instead...
Non-Latex sponges are your multi-purpose friend. Use them for applying foundation and as a soft, gentle alternative to a washcloth.

The Jane Iredale Magic Mitt is Leah's go-to for quick and sanitary face washing. Just get it wet (no cleanser required) and you are ready to use this beauty tool. To clean your Mitt between washes, use soap and water and hang it to dry.

Up, Up, Up!
Since youthfulness is a quality most of us seek in our skin, Leah stressed the importance of using upward motions when washing your face. Always remember these three hot spots: face, neck and décolleté. Use upwards strokes around the cheekbones and lift around your eyebrows. Around the eyes, a figure eight and flushing motion will bring energy to the muscles.

A clean face is a happy face. We hope these tips help liven up your skincare routine!

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By Marisa Coulter, MDPR Contributor

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