Monday, October 14, 2013

The Midnight Circus

Midnight. The start of a brand new day where anything can happen. It's the perfect name for the magical Midnight Circus in the Parks I saw for the first time this weekend.

I found out about the Midnight Circus from a friend who raved that it is a must-do activity for kids. The circus performs in different parks every weekend through October 27. Ticket sales from the circus go towards improving the participating parks.

The Circus has entertained over 30,000 people and has raised over $250,000 for local parks since they partnered with The Chicago Park District in 2007.

This is no big top circus, but it is just as thrilling. The 200 person tent feels small and intimate. The kids are able to sit on the grass right next to the ring. It was a parents' dream come true. The venue was safe and every child got a front row seat.

The kids snacked on popcorn, ring pops and hot dogs as the acrobats, aerialists and dancers performed. The two hour show kept them captivated the entire time. We even bought adorable red clown noses for the kids.

After the show was over we agreed one two things. We would come back to see the circus next year and no recreating the acrobatics at home.

By Monika Dixon

Photos via Midnight Circus in the Parks Facebook

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