Friday, September 20, 2013

Dîner en Blanc

If you happened to walk by the plaza outside of the NBC building last night you were probably stunned when you witnessed 1200 people dressed in white dining outside.

What you witnessed was one of the most sought after "secret" events in the city - Dîner en Blanc.

Dîner en Blanc is a chic and fashionable pop-up-picnic that started 25 years ago in Paris. The event now takes place in 40 cities across the world. It was my first time attending and they only word I can think of to describe it was magical.

To add to the secrecy of the event, we had no idea where the dinner would take place until we got there. All we knew was that it was at 6:30pm. Our group had to meet up with our team leader at a designated location beforehand because only they knew where the dinner would be. We met ours at the park outside of the historical water tower.

At  6:20pm we walked to the location, still not knowing where we were going. When we arrived at the plaza we found our assigned group leader, location and set up our table.

There are a few rules we had to abide by. Guests are required to dress elegantly in all white, bring a white table and chairs, white table linens, table decor, a picnic dinner and wine and champagne. There was food available for purchase, but my husband and I had a fun time cooking it together before the event. We even got fancy and made our own bon bons with the help of a friend who happens to be chef! Thank you Giacomo!

We enjoyed hours of good company and conversation. French music serenaded us as we dined, danced and celebrated friendship. Whenever a tourist buse drove by everyone waved their white napkins in the air. The night ended on a magical note when everyone was given sparklers for one final toast.

Dinner ended around 10:00pm and everyone packed up their white supplies as quickly as they had set up. Not a trace was left behind. If it weren't for the amazing memories, I would probably think it was all a dream.

 By Monika Dixon

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