Monday, September 9, 2013

PR Problems

Stress. It's every 9-5er's worst enemy. Too many emails, to-do lists and phone calls make us all want to hide under our desks at some point.

Instead of giving our Gmail the death stare, we've found that laughter is the best medicine. A little PR humor, courtesy of 99 Problems But a Pitch Aint One, reminds us that we're not the only ones freaking out over retweets and press releases.

Fellow PR pros, we'd like to make your day a little brighter by sharing some of our favorite GIFs with you.

1. When your client's press mention is even better than expected.

Inline image 1

2. Your emails during the day...and at night...and during the weekend.

Inline image 2

3. When you see the same grammatical error over...and over...and over. 

Inline image 3

4. Just kidding. 

Inline image 4

5. When you follow-up with an editor about a pitch.

Inline image 5

6. When your client gets a RT or reply from a well-known blogger or celebrity. 

Inline image 6

7. When you see your client's product at the store. 

Inline image 7

8. When you click send on an email only to realize you sent it to a writer from publication 'x' when the email mentions publication 'y'. 

Inline image 8

9. When a client emails about an additional change to a press release seconds after you send it to your entire media list. 

Inline image 9

10. When you explain 'tagging' to a non-social media savvy client.

Inline image 10

11. When you get a google alert that your client was mentioned in press and are waiting for the page to load. 

Inline image 11

Don't you feel better already? You can know calmly return to your email.

What's your favorite place for PR humor? Tweet us a laugh at @monikadixonpr.

By Allison Sickert (MDPR Writer) & Emily Cleary (MDPR Social Media Director)

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