Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hashtag Lingo & Social Media Updates

If you're left in a haze of confusion every time you see #ootd, #ff, #tbt and so on, chances are, you're probably not alone. Unless your friends with a hashtag savant, navigating your way through this daunting lingo is not easy. To get you up to speed, I've compiled a short list of hashtags you need to know in order to understand the language of social networking. #goodluck

#FF - Follow Friday {used on Fridays as a way for users to suggest new accounts to follow}

#tbt - Throwback Thursday {used on Thursdays when posting a picture from the past}

#fbf - Flashback Friday {used on Fridays when posting a picture from the past}

#yolo - You Only Live Once {used to indicate an activity that demonstrates living on the edge or taking a risk}

#oh - Overheard {used to share information that was overheard by the user}

#ootd - Outfit of the Day {used when showing an image of what your daily outfit}

Other headlines news you need to know!

-A Twitter update that was released Wednesday makes it much easier to keep up with Twitter conversations. Rather than having to click 'expand', Twitter users will now see up to three Tweets from a conversation in their newsfeed, all in chronological order and connected by a straight line.

-While it was announced that GIF files would be supported by Facebook, it was clarified today that this is not the case. Facebook does not support .gif files. Read all the drama behind the issue here.

-The rollout of a new Facebook 'shared albums' feature has begun. This update allows users to create albums and invite up to 50 people to contribute, and those 50 users can then each add up to 200 photos. Let the sharing begin!

-Facebook has loosened the rules regarding contests and giveaways on businesses pages. While previously having to conduct a giveaway through a third party application, businesses can hold giveaways straight from their pages and can encourage liking, commenting, sharing and messaging directly to their page as a contest requirement. Find all the details here.  

Speaking of giveaways...Wax On Wax Off Salon & Spa is holding a contest next week on Facebook and Twitter that you definitely don't want to miss!

Have any social media questions or need a hashtag translated? We're here to help! Comment below or tweet us at @MonikaDixonPR!

By Emily Cleary, MDPR Social Media Director

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