Thursday, August 1, 2013

There's an App for That

‘There’s an app for that.' If only I had a dollar every time I heard that…. But in all honestly, there probably is an app for that, whatever that may be. With the overwhelming amount of apps available, it’s hard to sift through the roughage to get to the best, and in this case, the one’s that help most with social media content and management. 

The apps I use to support our social media work largely depends upon its intended content and purpose, but there are a handful that we use almost regularly. Listen up closely, because these just might make your lives a whole lot easier.


When it comes to creating relevant and engaging social media content, first and foremost, it’s important to know what’s happening and trending in the world (or at least in your industry). For staying on top of the news in the most efficient and organized way possible (which is a task in itself), I use Pulse. This news-sourcing app allows you to categorize your feed and choose the outlets where your news comes from. It’s perfect for separating information based on area of interest – like Women’s Health, Technology and Entertainment, to name a few. But it conveniently aggregates all your news updates into one, structured location that saves you immeasurable time and hassle.

It’s no secret that visuals are typically the most engaging of social media content, so finding the tools to create aesthetically appealing images is key. When creating a quote or visual that calls for a background, I always turn to Retina Wallpapers. As a limitless selection of high definition photos and graphics, this app always delivers. Whether I’m looking for a tropical beach or abstract paint colors, I can always find something to fit the theme of the content I’m creating. 


I’ve experimented with an embarrassing amount of photo editing apps, but I think I finally found my preferred one (at least for the moment).  Aviary offers everything from filters to frames, stickers to text, blurring effects to color highlighting and blemish and red eye correcting to meme creation….the list goes on. It’s a one-stop shop for all photo-editing needs. The possibilities within Aviary are endless.


After an image is edited to your liking, it might be time to complement it with text, especially when creating a graphic or quote. For adding text, I find Over most useful. The selection of fonts is most extensive, and there are plentiful options when it comes to color choice, sizing, placement, orientation, line space, character spacing and the amount of text allowed. Simply, you have ultimate freedom when formatting your text. There is even an option to add artwork and drawings to your image. 

With the help of these apps, you’ll undoubtedly have new, engaging content to share with your followers. But with all the platforms we’re using on a regular basis, it can be frustrating to have to access all of them individually to upload material. For administering Twitter and Facebook posts, and even scheduling them ahead of time, I use Hootsuite. Not only can I tailor content for various platforms in one location, I can also access reports to assess the success of my activity of the different outlets. Overall, it’s a great organization and analytics tool. Warning: when you first join, it can look confusing and intimidating, but they offer thorough tutorials to walk you through the features.

We all have our specific preferences, so I’m not guaranteeing that these will become your go-to tools. I’m simply sharing what I’ve found to be useful in an effort to help streamline and improve your social media content management.

There’s something about downloading a new app and testing it out for the first time that’s so exhilarating, so get to exploring! Or maybe that’s just the nerd in me talking…

If there’s any apps you swear by, we’d love to hear about them! Share them with us on Twitter at @MonikaDixonPR

By Emily Cleary, MDPR Social Media Director

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