Tuesday, August 27, 2013


When we got the scoop on Alex Vasileski's Tai Chi class with The Langham Chicago and its Chuan Spa, while we were excited, we were also a bit apprehensive. Why? It's a workout none of us had done before, and let's be honest, we all fear the unknown. But we took a risk and went for it. Though intimidating at first, we soon learned the class would be one of the most relaxing workout experiences we'd ever experienced. On top of it's ease, #TaiChiTuesday also left us feeling like we'd actually burned calories. Talk about best of both worlds!

As Tai Chi first timers, we have three (okay, four) words to pass on to fellow newbies - be positive, breathe and relax. Alex gave us a helpful pre-workout tip -  the worst thing you can do in Tai Chi is try too hard. The key, he said, was to relax and focus on breathing. 

As the moves progressed, we loosened up, giving ourselves the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of Tai Chi - letting the positive energy in and releasing the negative. Breathing is the key to gaining positive energy. Your breathing affects the fluidity of the movements and helps you find your center.

Following all of Alex's guidance, we succeeded in experiencing a sense of calm as the cool breeze flowed through the plaza. We began as uneasy beginners and finished as Tai Chi advocates. Having learned it ourselves, we can vouch for the fact that the class is ideal for anyone who's seeking an effective, calming workout without necessarily breaking a sweat. We will definitely be back next Tuesday at 8am!

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